Open positions

In the context of an ERC Consolidator Grant recently awarded to Antoni Ivorra, we are seeking candidates to fill two postdoctoral positions and two PhD positions.

The 60-months project to be supported by the ERC Consolidator Grant is titled “Electronic AXONs: wireless microstimulators based on electronic rectification of epidermically applied currents” (eAXON) and it is intended to explore an innovative method for implementing neuroprosthetic systems based on injectable microstimulators.

Potentially, the technology to be developed will be used to recover motor function in patients who suffer from paralysis. The microstimulators will look like short pieces of flexible thread less than a millimeter thick. These unprecedented features will be possible thanks to the fact that the electrical supply methods used so far in active implants (batteries and inductive coupling) will be avoided, given that they require bulky components. The strategy that will be used is based on the rectification of bursts of high frequency current flowing innocuously through the tissues which will be applied externally through textile electrodes.


Postdoctoral positions (follow the links):

eAXON-PD1: Postdoctoral position in electronics for neuro-prosthetic systems based on microstimulators

eAXON-PD2: Postdoctoral position on assembly and encapsulation methods for electronic implants


PhD positions:

eAXON-PhD1: PhD scholarship in power transfer and communication systems for electronic implants

eAXON-PhD2: PhD scholarship in biocompatibility of electronic medical implants